Attorney’s Fees

Q. Is there a fee for a consultation?

A. No. We do not charge a fee for a consultation.

Q. How are contingency attorney’s fees paid?

A. Contingency attorney’s fee means that there is no fee unless there is a monetary recovery/settlement in your case.

Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

Q. Under Michigan’s no-fault law regarding automobile accidents can I still potentially receive compensation from the at-fault driver?

A. Yes. Depending upon the extent of your injuries and the impairment of your daily life. At Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, we are experts in pursuing cases for our injured clients against at-fault drivers and obtaining the compensation that our clients deserve.

Q. How many possible claims for compensation do I or a family member have if I or a family member is injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident?

A: Under Michigan law, you may have more than one claim depending upon a number of case specific circumstances. At Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, we work closely with our clients on a case-by-case basis to determine the appropriate sources of compensation.

Q. What are some examples of the types of claims that may arise from an injury in a car, truck or motorcycle accident?

A. There are several potential claims. The following is a brief summary of common claims:

  • Personal protection insurance (“PIP”) benefits. These benefits include wage loss, replacement services, medical coverage and attendant care. A claim for PIP benefits must be appropriately submitted to the correct insurance company within one year of the accident.
  • A third-party claim against the at-fault driver and owner of the vehicle that caused the accident. A lawsuit against the at-fault driver and owner includes claims for excess wage loss, as well as, the physical and mental pain and impairment due to serious injuries from the accident.
  • Uninsured and underinsured claims. These are claims directly against an appropriate insurance company to cover losses that were not covered by the claim against the at-fault driver and owner.

For each of the above claims, there are applicable statute of limitations and/or notice requirements that must be followed to pursue a claim. The attorneys of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, can explain the statute of limitations and notice provisions to you during a consultation.

Q. If I become a client, will the attorneys of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, assist me in pursuing my rights if I or a family member has been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident?

A. Yes. The very experienced and dedicated attorneys of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, are experts in obtaining the compensation our clients deserve.

Q. Do my injuries from a car, truck or motorcycle accident need to be permanent to recover compensation?

A. No. Each case is analyzed on a case-by-case basis by the experts of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, and it is not necessary that an injury be permanent for an injured person to recover compensation.

Q. Why do many other lawyers in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, Wayne County and other counties refer their clients who are victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents to Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC?

A. At Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, we are very experienced in enforcing our injured clients’ rights and fighting the insurance companies in these cases.

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death

Q. If I believe I have a medical malpractice case when should I speak to an attorney?

A. As soon as possible. Medical malpractice cases have short and complicated notice requirements and statute of limitations; therefore, an experienced medical malpractice attorney needs to discuss your potential case with you as soon as possible.

Q. Why do few law firms in Macomb County and St. Clair County actually handle medical malpractice law suits?

A. Under Michigan law, most medical malpractice lawsuits are very complicated and expensive. The attorneys of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, have an extensive amount of medical malpractice experience, and are very experienced at pursuing medical malpractice cases.

Q. What kind of compensation can I recover in a medical malpractice case?

A. Possible compensation includes, lost wages/earning potential, loss of services, pain, impairment, medical costs and possibly other covered losses.

Q. In a wrongful death claim does the law provide for the types of compensation discussed above?

A. Yes, but in a wrongful death case, the types of compensation can vary and the lawyers of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, use their experience to analyze each case individually to enforce our clients’ rights under the law.

Injuries From Dangers On Property, Defective Products And Other Personal Injury Cases

Q. What legal claims exist for other types of injury cases that do not involve vehicles or medical malpractice?

A. The types of possible claims under Michigan and Federal law vary greatly. The experienced attorneys of Bone Bourbeau Law, PLLC, identify and pursue applicable claims under Michigan law or Federal law for our injured clients.

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